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The fading ideal of the Great Australian Dream.

Australia is a changing landscape but it is also deeply nostalgic. Geographically, Australia is in Asia yet parts of it cling to itsʼ British heritage as if it would rather be part of the Motherland.

The contrast in the desire to change with the nostalgia of dreams past is never clearer than in rural Australia. In dealing with small town mentality, this collection reflects rural Australia and the feeling of loneliness found in isolation but also the ability of fantasy to transport you.

When fantasy is bred from boredom what is real and what is not are blazingly clear.

All the silhouettes in this collection are fantastical imitations or deconstructed versions of typical Australian work wear - the flannel shirt, the Driz-A-Bone coat, the Rainbird raincoat, overalls, the Bonds chesty singlet and horse riding gear.

The unravelling knits trapped between latex immortalize this transition from old to new and the contrast of the knit with latex further highlight this idea. Jacquards programmed from personal photographs distort imagery of this landscape, further muddling reality with fantasy.

This collection is for the girl who finds freedom in fantasy.

Stylist Caroline Tran

Photographer Chris Fatseas

Model Mateja Bulia

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